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Welcome to Alexandria
A hybrid city dubbed the "Capital of Memory" by Durrell, ALEXANDRIA (El-Iskandariya in Arabic) turns its back on the rest of Egypt and faces the Mediterranean, as if contemplating its glorious past. One of the great cities of antiquity, Alex slumbered for 1300 years until it was revived by Mohammed Ali and transformed by Europeans,

Welcome to El Gouna
Nestled on a peninsula with an exclusive beach front presenting a spectacular view of the Red Sea, the resort offers the ideal surroundings for a perfect stay. The relaxing atmosphere combined with extensive facilities invites you to enjoy your holiday. 

Welcome to Luxor
Hello, welcome to Luxor, probably the most interesting destination in Egypt. In this city, the former Thebes, some of the biggest and best preserved temples of the ancient times can be visited.
If you have plans to visit Luxor, you are on the right web site. If you complete this Photographic Tour, you will (virtually) visit the old town of Luxor,

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